What is Microsoft Flow and how to use it .

microsoft flow

Microsoft flow service

Do you know about Microsoft Flow service. This is task automation tool its called Flow . Flow allows you to setup custom actions which includes 58 services every day task handling facility . You can use Flow to email you automatically if tweet contain a particular word of your choice or it will post automatically to your Instagram or Facebook timeline.
Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service to build automatic workflow specially for business to save the valuable time and perform important task on right time across different applications and services.
Flow support all the useful services like Google drive ,Google calendar , YouTube, Dropbox , Blogger , Twitter and all the other famous social networks. Flow is secure and reliable to use because it belongs to Microsoft . You can use your existing Microsoft account or Hotmail address to login this service.
It is very easy to use just you will have to set up a trigger for particular action. Like Facebook or email notification for particular action done .
Flow have free and paid both version . Free version can be run 750 time in month means approx 25 time per day which is more than enough for common man. Pay service is 5$ per month which is also very cheap compare to its advantage.
Flow is useful because you can get special notification at right time for all important tasks.
By use of Flow line of business users can create automatic workflows.
Flow is a part of powerful business application platform like Power-apps this platform allow the user to create and built solutions for companies.

How to use Microsoft Flow

Microsoft flow is more useful for business and technologies user . You can use Microsoft flow for the following
Use flow to Instantaneously respond to critical notifications or emails.
Use flow to Inform the whole team whenever a work item is updated.
Use flow Capture, track, and follow-up with new sales leads.
For more detail visit the tutorial site
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