How to take backup of Facebook data

These days most of Facebook users using the Facebook like life diary . All the daily update memories photos and other content we upload regularly. If because of any reason you not able to log in your Facebook account or you loose the Facebook account, then you can lose all of your valuable information . Most of us don’t know that you have the facility to backup the Facebook account .
To backup your all Facebook data , content photos etc. follow the following steps.
1. Go to your Facebook setting . For this click on small triangle in top right corner of your Facebook page
2. Click download a copy of your Facebook data. Which is at the bottom of General Account Settings.
3. Select star my archives to start the download , it will ask to put your Facebook password for your security. Then you can save you copy in local disk.
This backup includes all of Facebook data your profile detail your timeline posts all the contents including photos and videos .

What includes your facebook data.
Facebook data includes your timeline posts , comments , messages , chat conversation , photos , videos added by you.
Activity Logs , history of your activity on Facebook , your like comment on other posts

1. Take the backup of your facebook account in regular interval.
2. Keep the backup data in a safe place because you have all of your important and sensitive information inside your backup.