How to screen mirroring between apple iPhone and widows PC.

Screen mirroring or screencasting allows you to mirror your mobile device’s content material to your Television or desktop display. Means you can enjoy the mobile content on the big screen and can share the content between your mobile and desktop or TV.

You will need to open the connection for screen mirroring on both your smartphone/tablet and your TV for the connection to work successfully.
With AirPlay you can mirror your iPhone or iPad’s display screen on your Mac or your Apple TV. But do you know you can mirror the iPhone or iPad screen with your windows PC also? There is windows application Lonely Screen which allow you to mirror your iPhone iPad screen mirroring with your windows PC or windows laptop
LonelyScreen is a good great free to download program to enjoy the normal expertise of iPhone Apple iPad gadget display screen mirroring, easy-to-use AirPlay receiver you install on your Pc. You can transfer anything from your iPhone or iPad to your windows notebook screen display same like an Apple Tv and the best part is that you no need to install anything on your iOS devise.