How to recover lost username password

First of all I will suggest you to update your all online accounts (email , social , paypal etc.) and copy on this information in your hard disk or online storage.  You can use safe and free portable program to keep your password safe, which you can keep in usb storage with you  (Free download )  because at the time of opening in most of the account we avoid to fill all the information and we delay it . If you forget the username or password , related site ask for your information to verify for your safety but ether you didn’t before or the filled the wrong information which you not remember and that time realize that you don big mistake before resulting you have to loose your account.
It is my request , minimize or book mar this site noe and first update your information of your online accounts and copy all the detail and save in hard disk of your computer. Please don’t delay .
Now I will explain you how to recover yahoo lost / forgotten user name and password.
If your Yahoo email /Messenger password lost and you unable to login . Here are some steps you need to perform.
Easy way for recovering password is to start with this Page where you will be asked to Yahoo and will have to confirm if you used a credit card prior to this post, because if you have used your credit card before and I checking account with which CC details with nothing. The next step enter the details of your identity and that you have made during the recording of this account, Yahoo as holiday birthday, ZIP (or E) code, and country.
Request new yahoo password:
If you do not help the above information, in an attempt to request a new password. Remember our team can not reset your password or remind you of your current password.
To request a new password:
1 Click on the My Account link at the top of the main page of Yahoo!
2 Enter your password.
3 in the Account Information page, click on the link to change your password.

You are prompted to change the password to something different. New password is recommended not contain any part of your age, for security reasons. If you’ve followed the instructions above and still can not get a new password for your account or feel that your account has been compromised, please reply to this email with the following information that you provided during the registration of your Yahoo.
Like : Yahoo ID, Name , Date of birth, Alternate Email, Secret question and answer , City , State , Country. Etc.

Don’t try password recovery software or tool , it is wastage of time and result nothing. If still you unable to better to make new account.



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