keep safe children from internet disadvantages


Thease days use of internet is necessary for the children because study projects school communication all depends on internet . As with any new technology, the Internet is full of potentially good results, but it comes with a lot of possible negative consequences this has always been true with any new technology. The technology we use it, its not as good or bad, better or worse, if it is used in right way.

some of the good things that we can get on the Internet.
Email, instant messaging, texting, cell phones and video chat through better communication
Worldwide data storage and exchange
Potential ideas and knowledge networking across borders
Democratization of Information

Some of the bad stuff.
Internet crimes such as online scams
Negative consequences for the misuse of information.
Character attacks and «Cyber- bullying.”
Exploitation of children and child predators.

How to keep safe your children from internet disadvantages.
Educate them good and bad part of internet . Everybody should know what is good for them.
Share the devise like PC, Laptop , Tab , mobile etc.
Don`t let them keep the devises password protected , or share the password with the family.
Keep devises on common palace so everybody can see the internet activity.