Faster opera browser with ads blocking facility.

Fast Opera browser with ads blocking facility is available to download.

Opera new developer edition browser improved to fast page loading speed and ads killing facility. It improved to decrease the page load timing for fast browsing experience. Native ad blocking facility is available for Windows browser and mobile browser both . Ad blocking facility helps to improve speed page loading .The aim is to provide faster and smoother online experience to the web user.
How tho turn off ad in android browser
In Opera mini browser which is for smartphone device ad can be turned off by tapping the O menu than toggling ads either on or off. This will block the ad in both the high and extreme saving modes.
How to turn off ad windows desktop browser
In oera windows desktop browser you can turn off ad by setting menu or from pop-up that appears when the first is loads . By clicking the shield icon site can be whitelist it will turn ad blocking on or off. As in the developers build user can see how many ads are blocked on the page.
User can compare page with ads turned on and off in side by side comparison.
Video popup option
The new upgrade desktop version includes a video pop-out feature , which shuts a playing video to the side of your screen . Opera already delivered before fast web experience equivalent to google . Now after ad blocking function opera claiming it is faster than before.
Main features of Opera browser
Performance : Fast browsing . Improved version is 50 faster then previous . If you have old version then upgrade to new version.
Geo location : Geolocation automatic detects your location and shows the make with your location.
Vido : Hogh quality and easy online video watching experience.
Search suggestions : More efficient search experience wit search suggestions.
If you still not used the opera browser please download and try its free and powerful.