Facebook video setting for resolution and autoplay

These days watching videos on Facebook is common. but from place to place user suffer various problem . like if slow internet connect then videos takes too much time to buffer and poor streaming quality . If you are using mobile data and watching high resolution video it will be expensive because high resolution videos consume too much internet data. I assume most of the peoples know what is high and low resolution videos.
Video Quality : High resolution videos quality is better then low resolution videos it you will feel specially on big screen. but if you are using for mobile device low resolution is enough to see. High resolution videos take time and more bytes (internet data) to to share online .
Low resolution videos are smaller in size compare to high resolution videos, and it is good to see in small screen like mobile device . but it become worse to see on big devices like TV screen. We recommend set your setting low resolution for mobile device it will save your download , sharing , streaming time and internet cost both. Even on big screen devices if you feel good you can choose low resolution.

How to set video quality on your Facebook account.



Facebook video setting

Facebook video setting

Go to your Facebook home page
click on small traingle in top right side on menu bar
one drop down menu will appear
Click on setting
Then click on videos
For low resolution video quality setting click on SD Only and for high resolution video quality click on HD
if only low resolution video was uploaded then HD quality video will not available to play, even you set to HD quality . but if HD quality video uploaded then you can play low resolution and high resolution bot.
Same way under video setting you can start or stop auto play . If you set auto play to off then when you visit your Facebook page video will not start automatic you will have to play which video you want to see.