Browser shortcuts tips for webuser.

You are going to know the easy way to use the browse. You will be surprised that why you were unknown about it till now.

To visit site press Alt+D and type webusertips and Cont + Enter this works to visit any .com site.
Means to Jump to the address bar just press Alt and D.
To visit the .com site just type the website address and press Ctrl + Enter.
To zoom in the web page press Ctrl and + , to zoom out Ctrl and – sign.
And for original side Ctrl 0.
To go last visited page Press backspace key or Alt and left arrow.
To reload or refresh the page press F5.
To see the web page in full screen press F11. and press again to return back.
Press Ctrl and F to search the word in the webpage .
To open the bookmarks press Ctrl and B.
Did you know before about it , If not means nobody share it to you . If yes then you suppose to share it with others . You can share it now with your circle and like on facebook . Everybody using internet these days but most of them don’t know .