Bitdefender Antivirus Full Free Version

Bitdefender Antivirus full free Edition will enable you to enjoy your computer to the max, after installing this no need to to worry about viruses and other e-threats.We call it “artificial intelligence” because it will always find the best way for your system to stay clear of dangers without requiring special configuring.

And, more importantly, it will also not effect your computer speed. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition shares some of the revolutionary technologies that allowed the product line to outpass major competitors such as AVG, Avast or Avira.

Real-time Shield

The real time shield will protect your entire system from infected files  from the outside, before they enter inside your PC.

Active Virus Control

Proactive technology that quickly and accurately detects potential threats, even in cases of new viruses for which there is no default protection released yet.

Intrusion Detection System

Ensures that applications trying to access the Internet or the network are not masked malware. Intrusion Detection is automatically alerted when such apps behave in a suspect manner, and blocks them when they go over the limit.


Proactively detects unknown threats that other products miss, by analyzing how apps behave in a safe environment. If no malicious actions are detected, B-Have starts the program normally. Otherwise, it will automatically quarantine or delete it.

HTTP Scanning

Protects you from scams such as credit card phishing attempts, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition scans all the links you access from your browser and blocks them when they prove to be unsafe.


Rootkits are a type of stealth software, often malicious, that can help hackers get control of your computer. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition uses special technology that detects and blocks such malicious software.