What is Razer Mamba Hyperflux

new generation wireless mouse

Razer Mamba Hyperfux is a new generation wireless mouse. It could change the way of the game forever. It is based on Razers latest cutting-edge technology with revolutionary design. The mouse and the Razer Mamba Hyperflex mouse is the entirely battery-free mouse. It is without rechargeable or replaceable battery this mouse use the coil around the edge of the Hyperflux mat to get the power wirelessly. If you move the mouse out of the mat and keep away more than 10 seconds, then it will switch off automatically.
Razer Mamba Hyperflux weight is 100g which is 25g less than the current Razers wireless mouse which is useful for the pro-level gamers. Mamba has some optical sensors in it for more accuracy. This will be available shortly in the market at 250$ to 280$ price.